Go Karting Hervey Bay

Feel like taking the ride of your life? Lets go Go Karting! Hervey Bay has a 650 meter long bitumen track for your to race around. Established in the 1990’s, this ever popular activity has attracted many locals and tourists for a fun time out doing something different with a bit of edge.

A family run business, this is a great place to take the kids for a fun time on weekends or holidays. Children must be a of a certain height and attending with another adult if so need be and shoes are a must to be worn on the karts.

Also at this fun, adrenalin filled park is a 120 meter long water slide for extra enjoyment! This slide runs right along the main highway and from up the top you get a good view of the Bay area and surroundings.

Perfect for parties, perfect for adrenalin junkies and especially those kids who like something different. Why not give the Hervey Bay Go Karts a try out today!

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