Hervey Bay Government

Few cities are blessed with Hervey Bay’s abundance of natural assets. The Great Sandy Strait, Fraser Island and the beaches, bushland and wetlands make Hervey Bay one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly cities in south east Queensland. Large numbers of visitors and residents enjoy its natural attractions.

The City Council seeks to enrich and enhance these valued assets of coastal scenery, superb beaches, clean environment and relaxed lifestyle which draw so many people to live and invest in the city.

Council is determined to forestall any environmental problems that might compromise the unique quality of life. Forward planning seeks to balance growth and protect the environment.

Hervey Bay City Council’s environmental strategies support open space concepts, conservation of waterways and wetlands and water and energy conservation. A bikeways and transport strategy is designed to complement these plans. A management plan has been developed for the extensive foreshore reserve and there is emphasis on the retention of natural scenic appeal.

Tourism and Economic Development

To maximise the potential of Hervey Bay as a modern commercial centre and popular tourist destination, the Hervey Bay Tourism and Development Bureau. Both the City Council and the Bureau are working in close partnership towards the common goal of attracting more people to visit, invest and reside in Hervey Bay and its environs.

Part of the City Council’s strategy addresses the tasteful and co-ordinated development of the city heart area at Pialba. The importance of upgrading public spaces in retail centres is a recognised priority. It stimulates retail investment, creates a strong visual identity and serves to focus community cultural activities.

The Planning and Development department continue to hold responsibility for the development of the city. Comprehensive plans have been outlined until the year 2015. Hervey Bay City Council has other major and active departments covering Roads, Environment and Health Protection, Infrastructure and Community Development and Recreation. Service Units which will provide efficient, cost-effective competitively driven services to Ratepayers are currently being established by Council.


Adoption of the latest technology and state of the art systems has ensured that water supply and sewerage facilities have kept pace with Hervey Bay’s rapidly growing population. Forward planning by Wide Bay Water, a business unit of Hervey Bay City Council, considers land based effluent re-use and comprehensive and efficient waste management systems. Programmed planning is in place to maintain these high standards in the future.

The Council recently won a National Award for Innovation in Local Government for its Eli Creek effluent irrigation scheme. This project promises major environmental and economic benefits, protecting waters off Fraser Island, enhancing tourism, local agriculture and reducing infrastructure costs. The Ergon Energy purchases electric power in bulk from the Queensland Electricity Commission. It distributes and services all aspects of this vital resource.

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