Lifestyle & Environment Hervey Bay

Most of us dream of combining a quality lifestyle with a superb environment. Residents of Hervey Bay enjoy this dream. A balmy climate, fresh sea air to breathe, wide sandy beaches and plenty of parkland ensure the best conditions in which to live, work and bring up a family or retire to a healthy outdoor life.

The climate alone is sufficient reason to move at once to Hervey Bay. Averaging a mild 22 degrees C in winter and a comfortable 29 degrees C in summer, it attracts holiday makers throughout the year. Sunshine and birdsong wake one in the mornings and the evenings feature spectacular sunsets over Gataker’s Bay at the west end of the city.

Hervey Bay’s affordable homes are just a few minutes drive away from shopping malls, supermarkets, business and manufacturing premises, schools, university, backpackers and sporting facilities.There is no traffic congestion and most journeys afford glorious views of beaches, bay and parkland to cheer and stimulate residents.

The bay constantly provides opportunities for swimming, boating and fishing. There is an excellent boat harbour and marina at Urangan.Fast catamarans cross the Sandy straits to Fraser Island, a World Heritage listed gem which truly lives up to its aboriginal name, K’gari meaning Paradise.

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