Sky diving in Hervey Bay

Feeling risky? Looking for something to get the adrenalin pumping? Feeling daring? Then we have just the thing for you! At Hervey Bay Sky Divers you will be taken either 10,000ft or 14,000ft into the air for the time of your life.

You will take your jump with a professional jumper who has done literally hundreds of jumps and be shown before hand all the techniques you will need to take this jump. The costs are around $250-$300.00 per jump and if you wish to land on the beach front, this will incur a smaller surcharge.

DVD and photos are available in packages from around $120.00 so you can treasure your memories to show others upon arrival on land. This is something most people consider scary at first, but many come back for more.

People are seen jumping daily from light aircrafts all around the Bay area. Plan a jump for yourself, or plan one for someone as a surprise for a special occasion. Why not try and book a jump for you and a group of friends so you can all enjoy the adrenalin on the day?

This is a opportunity worth checking out and while you are approaching land, take in the magical sites of Hervey Bay, the crystal waters and white sands, along with views of Fraser Island and the other smaller islands surrounding. You will be left breath taken. Make the booking today- Hervey Bay Sky Divers.

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