Vic Hislops Shark Show

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with a really large shark? Well here is your big opportunity! At Vic Hislops Shark Show you can see some of the work this great man has to show. Vic is an Aussie Icon, well known as ‘Shark Man’ by many.

For years he has been catching great white sharks. His catches that are done with his bear hands have not only caught the gasps of people who view his catches, but also of science. It has allowed those of interest to get to know more about these man eating animals as we have known very little for so long.

It is believed that he does this work due to that fact that many of people who have gone missing from coastal shores, can be due to the fact that the great whites have fatally got them. Every time Vic hears the news of someone missing on the foreshores, he knows exactly what has taken their fate.

Many people have differed with him over the years about his practices, but he holds his head high knowing that he is making a huge difference to the way we enjoy our calm waters. After all, who wants a holiday at the beach with those beasts roaming the shores! So, it is here that you can browse through some of Vic’s work.

View some of the largest shark bones and jaws on offer, sit through one of his movies about catching sharks and watch the man himself in person catching the great white. You can also see one of the hugest sharks ever caught in the special freezer area. It is sure to send shivers down your spine.

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