Weather in Hervey Bay

The weather in Hervey Bay is what most people who live local call pleasant all year round. The summer months between late November to late March, is of humid temperatures.

The summer time brings temperatures between the 30 – 40 degrees and the beaches are proved popular during these months, as are the local pool and water parks. The winter months fall between June and October, and bring a cooler wind to the area.

The days are renowned for being pleasant and the nights of cooler temperatures. Autumn and Spring are some of the nicest months temperature wise, in the Bay. Beautiful sunny days, with blue skies and cooler nights that are still in the late 20’s in degrees.

These months still allow people to use beaches and parks without being too hot or cold. Boating proves popular in the cooler months and that including the Bay’s winter months. All year round, you can be sure to enjoy the lovely temperatures of Hervey Bay.

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