Wetside Water Park

This fabulously well designed water park, located on the Esplanade in Pialba, Hervey Bay, is one of the newest features the Bay area has on offer to locals and tourists alike. Officially opening on the 6th of December in 2009, this water park was a massive hit with people flooding the area to enjoy the newest park full of water activities to make any age smile.

The opening also co-insides with Queensland’s 150th celebrations, and situated on a hectare of land right near the beach front, it was to be one of the biggest, and best designs bringing local business trade and locals a true delight. Nearly 400 piers were built and carefully designed to lift the area and traffic flow that walk through the area off the ground.

This was to preserve the dune structures below the surface and also to allow other natives and plants to survive in the area as they normally would. Another huge factor that was taken into consideration when planning this huge park, was to make sure all the water was of recycled form.

Taken from Hervey Bay’s stormwater network, the water is then harvested through to the wet side park. Literally hundreds of fountains and jets propel water high into the air in different patterns to amuse and delight those who love being in the water. There ground work that was put in play was to be of soft rubber like materials that were also non slipping.

A few rises in the ground work make for a fun and different approach when playing around the park. There is also a small under 5s tot’s area for the littlies. Parents can enjoy playing in the smaller jets and sea life design with their small children in the under cover area.

There is a tipping bucket which fills automatically and dumps large sums of water on the giggly crowd waiting below that has proved to be hugely popular. Music plays in the background for your enjoyment and there is also a kiosk on site for those wishing to purchase drinks and snacks while at the park. For the older children and teens, there is a surfing apparatuses set up so you can take you chance at learning to surf the big waves.

Teenagers have been known to line up waiting to have their turn and this also runs all day long. This static wave machine is of excellent design and the cost of this is $5.00, even though the actual park is free of charge to enter. Amenity blocks are on site, and there is a baby change room for those wishing to use this room for their smaller children.

Plenty of seating and tables are well situated all around the wet side park area, and many people have been noted to have planned birthday parties and other occasions at the park since its opening. This place is the greatest place to take your children for a fun day out with little expense. Harvey Bay’s greatest, newsest attraction.

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